Continuous improvement in practice: how dark launches and feature flags lead to fast, good results

‘By doing, one learns,’ a continuous improvement process is based on that idea. As a CEO, CTO or CIO, why do you opt for such a dynamic project methodology? What makes one case benefit more from an agile mode of operation and another from a predefined project course? Delta Source explains, using our achievements for Streamz, how dark launches and feature flags, among other things, lead to fast, good realizations.

Continuous improvement in practice

Continuous improvement for Streamz

As Telenet’s regular software partner, Delta Source was trusted in 2020 to help build the innovative content platform Streamz. With a sharp deadline in mind, five months of development and launching right before Disney+, we knew flexibility would be much needed. Instead of programming the integration layer between Telenet and DPG Media without interaction and adjustment, we systematically delivered pieces of software (feature flags). Continuous delivery avoided time-consuming meetings and ensured systematic deliverables and testings. The effect? Streamz passed the dark launch at a test audience with flying colors and was successfully and timely fired to Flanders. Although working through a continuous improvement process takes guts at the start, a substantiated result never disappoints!

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“Our customers don’t have to be left hungry. A continuous improvement process means that little follow-up is expected of them, while they get to see first, tangible results quickly. Rarely can you determine the end point at the starting measurement, which is why our mature dev teams tackle software development step by step.” – Mark Noten, founder and managing partner at Delta Source

Continuous improvement is in the Delta Source DNA

Continuous improvement (CI) is not peculiar to software development and is gaining popularity within various fields. Yet the philosophy has been at the heart of Delta Source for years. We have an experienced, multidisciplinary team of programmers who are well matched. Moving quickly, problem-solving and taking responsibility is in each of us’ DNA. Custom development is not driven from an ivory tower, it is the result of teamwork. And let that be exactly what Delta Source is: a rock-solid and positive team.

“Not every project benefits from CI and agile development is not a silver bullet. If there is a need for custom software within a clear framework, say a production line with strictly defined procedures, then you benefit from working with a fixed scope and project-based. It makes no sense then to program incrementally. Although agile is well adapated, it is not always the best option by default.” – Mark Noten, founder and managing partner at Delta Source

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