Skills that lead to solutions

Delta Source builds solutions in its own unique way, and your company reaps the benefits. What types of development can our know-how and teams help you with? What distinguishes our custom-made software? Read on and find out if we are a match!

Tailor-made applications

We always build to measure

Your business operations are unique, and that requires unique systems. Team Delta Source does not provide standard software. We develop hyper-focused solutions that make it easier for your people to do their jobs. What languages do we code in? We use Java and Javascript and know technical platforms like Spring Boot and Node.js inside out. We keep all options open with open-source technologies such as microservices.

Stable enterprise integration

We connect and accelerate

You work with various systems, each with its own added value. Are you struggling to get your systems to communicate with each other? Delta Source to the rescue! We establish the right, secure links so your data is automatically exchanged and the latest version is available anytime and anywhere. We use powerful technologies such as Spring Boot, Apache Camel, Kafka and ElasticSearch. Less wasted time, fewer manual actions, less human error? Triple check!

Agile partnership

Step by step, we achieve more

We have yet to encounter a project that goes exactly as planned. That is why we work agile! We don’t carve out your entire request in stone but work in short sprints. This work method keeps us in touch with your needs and lets you see results quickly. We make adjustments where necessary, always working toward the next milestone. We work from high to low priority to produce a user-friendly final product that is honed to perfection, down to the last detail!

Cloud-based creations

Reliable and flexible

We code and combine software with the assignment in mind. We consider cloud-based solutions self-evident. We build applications as microservices that we deliver in containers. The big advantage is that our creations are scalable and match numerous environments, such as your own on-premise infrastructure or public cloud. Our builds and deployments are automated with CI/CD (continuous integration/deployment) in Terraform, Docker and Kubernetes to guarantee secure management and flexible results.

Do you have a challenging project ahead? Delta Source empowers you!

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