A revolutionary content platform from media companies Telenet and DPG Media


The customer

In 2020, telecom operator Telenet and media group DPG Media joined forces to roll out a paid streaming service. To this end, both companies set up the joint venture Streamz, which responds to the changing viewing behavior of the Flemish people, who increasingly watch deferred television, fast-forward commercials and subscribe to foreign video services. Content platform Streamz needed to provide a local response to this. The slogan “Streamz, that’s ours” emphasizes that revenues thus primarily flow back to Flemish producers.

The project

Since 2016, a dedicated team of Delta Sourceprogrammers one of the agile squads in the Entertainment tribe at Telenet. In April 2020, we were informed of the groundbreaking collaboration in television land. In less than six months, two major companies had to be integrated to exchange video content. Our job to be done? Guarantee that the Streamz app and the Streamz website will have all series presented, but also that all Telenet customers with a TV box or a digicorder will have flawless access. Thanks to our years of software development for Telenet, this project was right up our alley!

Our approach

Developing microservices for a conclusive integration between Telenet and DPG Media in less than six months? For that, you have masses of handsome software developers needed! And we have those at Delta Source. An eleven-member agile team, consisting of nine software engineers, a designer/analyst and a product owner, focused on delivering all the information of the series (videos, images, descriptions …) flawlessly into the Streamz backend. At breakneck speed, an integration and interaction of video content and metadata was set up between Telenet and DPG Media. The strong teamwork did not disappoint and Streamz was warmly received by the general public. Since the successful launch, our dev team has been taking care of systematic improvements. Our latest feat? Custom development for the new subscription, Streamz Basic. Proud to contribute to this revolution in the television landscape!

“Under tight deadlines and lots of media attention, Delta Source developed the integration layer that allows Telenet and DPG Media to exchange and offer content to users on both platforms. We delivered the feature-complete platform on time and are still responsible for extensions and optimizations.”


– Mark Noten, partner at Delta Source

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