Integrated media platforms

As a software partner, Delta Source plays a key role in the development of commercial success products for telecommunications company Telenet, one of our largest and most loyal customers. In 2016, we started with a small team to build an integration layer between Telenet’s television platform and the platform of majority shareholder Liberty Global. This layer allows external parties to access content such as video on demand and a program guide, and allows all actions and information about these actions to flow between Liberty Global’s set-top box and mobile application and Telenet’s back-office systems. Today, a Belgian-Bulgarian dev team of 13 software experts builds and supports more than 50 microservices 24/7 in a production environment of Telenet.

I could write down some clich├ęs here as “it was an honor and a pleasure to work with you and the Delta Source team” or “you guys go the extra mile” and all that is true… but not enough.

You and your team put extra effort constantly, not only on occasions. You always delivered quality and helped out other teams whenever they needed you.

Deadlines were always met, even in the hectic environment Telenet was and is, in periods of change and transition. Where other teams struggled with sudden strategy changes, Delta Source simply adapted and delivered, most often even with a smile.

You were (and are) really in it to make the difference, and you do.

Ann Holvoet

TV Back End Chapter Lead - Telenet