Dedicated development and support for all-in-one platform for customized insurance products

The customer

Bringing different insurance coverages together in a customized product, selling and managing them: no mean feat, as each insurance has different terms and conditions, underwriting criteria and pricing. From that need, ReThink-IT developed an online platform for master brokers and underwriters, among others. The objective? Allowing them to conveniently and securely offer products from different insurers to individuals and professionals.

The project

Initially, Delta Source started the development at the request of CyberContract. And although the application initially focused on cyber insurance, there was an immediate realization that there was greater potential: ReThink-IT was founded, in which Delta Source also stepped in as an exclusive software partner. Because the software was designed from the outset for a broader range of insurance products, it quickly grew into a veritable platform. With a growing dev team, Delta Source is a driving force in continuing to build this custom software, where flexibility, scalability and security were the drivers. With our technological knowledge, high availability and solution-oriented mindset, we meet expectations.

Our approach

Meanwhile, it has been nearly 10 years since the paths of ReThink-IT and Delta Source crossed. Through an established team of architects, developers, … we take care of the development pipeline and devops involved in this future-proof insurance platform. What started as a proof-of-concept resulted in a long-term partnership, just the way we like it at Delta Source. So we are incredibly looking forward to continuing to support ReThink-IT 360° in the future.

ReThink-IT focuses on, “How do we make our product a market leader in insurance? We can count on Delta Source for the technical execution. The established team of software engineers develops to perfection.

Looking for a seasoned and dedicated dev team to trust with the development of tailor-made software? Our project managers and programmers are standing by!

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