Strategy, technical consulting and application optimization for renowned document generation tool

The customer

Experlogix is a pioneer within the field of document generation. Their software enables companies to create, distribute and manage digital documents quickly and error-free. Characteristic feature? The product is offered in a no code model, eliminating the need for users to have in-depth technical knowledge to define document characteristics and process flows.

The project

15 years of document automation by Experlogix translates into an impressive client portfolio. Behind the scenes is an extensive project history and development backlog. With a frequency of several feature releases per year, the need for temporary reinforcement was high. We assembled a three-person team, consisting of a determined senior team lead and two inquisitive junior developers. The ideal team to pursue application optimization.

Our approach

No time for quiet exploration of the territory because Experlogix stands for quality, speed and accessibility. Fortunately, colleague Taner is used to being quickly grounded in new environments and immediately took team members Lyuoboslav and Teodor in tow. Although we were brought in to provide continuity, we were soon given more responsibilities. We combine strategic advice, as well as project management and executive programming. We are now a year on and the collaboration promises to continue. The secret: mutual trust, open communication and critical thinking. Our experts are already looking forward to more of that!

Experlogix has been working with three Delta Source developers for more than a year on a document generation product. In an amazingly short span, both the senior and junior developers in Bulgaria have become indispensable to our team. Not only are the Delta Source team members motivated to deliver high quality work within the agreed deadlines, they also really feel involved in the product we are building, share their critical opinion and think along with our own team to deliver the best possible feature set for our customers

Erwin Buggenhout

Product Manager - Experlogix