What non-developers can learn from Behavior-Driven Development

Are you familiar with Behavior-Driven Development or BDD for short? Although the name suggests that the concept is targeted towards seasoned developers, many more people than just programmers can use it. BDD, for example, during development, does away with miscommunication. Let crystal clear communication be precisely what benefits any complex project. Delta Source shows you what non-developers can learn from BDD.

The specifications of BDD

At the heart of Behavior-Driven development is comprehensive testing. However, the big advantage does not lie in the broad focus on the testing phase, but rather in the active use of continuous communication. At BDD, software development, the executive phase of a project, does not go on behind closed doors. The method encourages developers and non-developers to communicate openly and optimally with each other through unambiguous scenarios. Business and development engage with each other, putting their noses in the same direction. Goodbye separate islands, welcome close teamwork!

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The added value of BDD

Since BDD is little known to non-engineers but packed with assets for their projects, Delta Source took an active role in promoting their knowledge a few years ago. Because of their years of experience, our managing partners Mark Noten and Joeri Leemans were invited to participate in the TETRA research project “First Time Right” of UCLL University College. Accompanied by a group of innovative companies, we taught companies at the start of a new automation process to apply BDD step by step. By using a common language, the participating companies themselves experienced the main benefits. Strong documentation, smooth communication and quick feedback: what’s not to like?

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“In practice, the distance between business and development is often greater than thought. Behavior-Driven Development aims to bridge that gap. There is a lot of focus on testing and technical specifications are put into comprehensible language. Those scenarios make it easier, for everyone involved in the project, to understand what it is about. Of course, such plain language also comes in handy outside of software development!”



– Mark Noten, founder and managing partner at Delta Source

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