Working Agile in large organizations: profitable for CIOs, developers and software

You are familiar with agile and know how a Scrum team works together as a small team, making it easy to scale to multiple teams. But how do you scale this idea as a large organization so that all Scrum teams work together on one or more larger features for an extended period of time? In this digital age, how do you make your company respond quickly to a changing market with ever new opportunities (Business Agility)?

Meet the Scaled Agile Framework for enterprises (SAFe), an agile way to plan work for medium- and large-sized companies that have multiple teams of programmers and want to launch a quality solution quickly.



SAFe work, a little theory and a lot of practice

Delta Source holds the SAFe 6 Agilist certification (Leading SAFe – Thriving in the Digital Age with Business Agility) and thus possesses the necessary knowledge. But even more than the theoretical concepts, we know the practical applications and assets. We have proven experience in agile at scale through our software development projects at Telenet and KBC, among others, where more than 50 teams work according to this method. There, we help reduce the distance between business and IT implementation with some strong agile dev teams. Resulting in a smooth pace, transparent communication and quick output.

Strengthening CIOs, dev teams and products

What tangible benefits do autonomous teams working together on a bigger picture bring to CIOs, dev teams and products? You can scale by having multiple Scrum teams of 5 to 7 dedicated developers working well together on a larger feature. As a result, you take active steps faster and get quick feedback loops. Thanks to setting clear goals, you move forward only after the previous goal has been confirmed and approved.

How does the Delta Source meet that demand?

Face to face planning meetings every three months, dynamic budget management, a customer-centric design process and lean User Experience (UX) prevent unnecessary time from being wasted. Everyone stays close to the facts and enjoys higher efficiency. By staying in a constant, forward flow, multiple teams deliver a quality product via successive iterations in a short period of time. Ideal for companies looking to make an impact with a unique product in today’s rapidly changing market.

“Agile at scale offers benefits to companies with short-term software needs. It is not so much a technical vision, rather a way of working together. Sharp goals and short deadlines thus lead to great results. An additional benefit is that a continuous delivery process contributes to a continuous learning culture. An invaluable bonus!” – Mark Noten, founder and managing partner at Delta Source

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