Flawless digital audio

The main problem with classical online meeting apps like Zoom or Teams? Sound quality and delays. Reflection experienced this first hand. They are a choir wanting to prepare for the World Choir Games, the Olympic Games for choirs. Delta Source came up with a solution: the Music Box. Online rehearsals in times of lockdown seemed impossible because of small but very audible delays that led to an unbearable cacophony. Not really what you have in mind with an international competition on the horizon. Koor&Stem vzw and the World Choir Games 2021 decided to do something about it and set their sights on the two biggest obstacles: poor sound quality, but especially a lot of delay. Thus began the story of the MusicBox. Research center imec selected a user-friendly hardware solution with a real-time sound card and connections for microphone and headphones or amplifier. Delta Source developed the real-time audio software for the Music Box and the associated cloud applications. They received a lot of media attention, even in the national news. The MusicBox makes it possible for choirs, musicians and music teachers to rehearse together remotely without delay and while maintaining good sound quality.