Kafka as a database

The Java2Days conference is one of the largest Java conferences in Eastern Europe, with a rich history dating back to 2009. In the 2022 edition, our colleague Taner shared his experiences with Apache Kafka in a “Kafka as a database” session.

The debate over whether or not we can consider Kafka a database results in a wide range of opinions. You are either in “Team Red” or “Team Blue”.

In his talk Taner presents Apache Kafka in a different light. Apache Kafka is a tool used to stream real-time data, labeled as an event streaming platform by definition. Can it be considered a database though, or can it be used as such?

Watch this session to participate in the “Team Red” vs. “Team Blue” debate. Knowing that a media giant like New York Times uses Kafka as their “source of truth” for the many years of published content under their management: it is clear that the debate is worth having!