From rookie to revolutionary

This is how the Delta Source Academy is preparing tomorrow’s software talent

Without initial work experience, scoring an IT job as a junior developer is a serious challenge. The majority of CEOs, CIOs and CTOs prefer a programmer who has earned his first stripes to a recent graduate. However, young graduates are overflowing with potential. Delta Source is consciously taking a different tack and actively investing in the software talent of tomorrow. Enter the Delta Source Academy!

Hi Taner! You are not only Senior Software Engineer and Team Lead at Delta Source but also the living billboard of the Delta Source Academy.

Taner: “That’s right,” (laughs) I am enthusiastically spearheading the Delta Source Academy. That means I am the central point of contact within the company for everyone involved. But I also like to explain the story and vision of our own Academy aimed at driven and promising IT talent outside of our company.”

Why does a structural IT partner with high performance teams offer a training program?

Taner: “At Delta Source, we felt for some time that there was missing piece of the puzzle in the learning curve of beginning developers. They are passionate about software development but, while applying, they keep bumping into the same problem: no experience. If they do get a chance, they have to prove themselves quickly. The downside? No intensive guidance and little theoretical basis.”

How does the Delta Source Academy meet that demand?

Taner: “We put our heads together and after much deliberation – after all, we remain IT professionals who believe in a strong plan of action – we launched a phased study program. The Delta Source Academy intentionally consists of two parts. First, we fully immerse newly graduated developers in the techniques for about two months, giving them a broad view of development and ensuring a strong basic knowledge of Java. After the training phase, the internship period begins. Theory and practice cannot exist without each other.”

Who can apply for such an extensive training?

Taner: “A boundless interest in software development is a basic requirement, in addition, as a candidate you should ideally already have a programming education. Not every study has the same output, and this is precisely why the Academy starts broadly. As time progresses, theory gives way to practice and the complexity of the internal projects on which participants work also increases. We don’t keep it fictional either. In fact, real customer projects are such a good learning opportunity that junior programmers, under our watchful eye, should not miss out on.”

Finally, an internal study program has an end point somewhere: what is the next step after a glorious passage at the Delta Source Academy?

Taner: “We set the bar extremely high. That offers the advantage that those who complete the intensive learning program have a good chance of getting a job offer at Delta Source. If not, a passionate Java programmer enters the field with demonstrable initial experience. While we can’t keep everyone with us, we are very proud to be part of the growth curve of our junior developers at the Academy. In the end, setting the bar high pays off for everyone, in the short and long term!”


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