From on-premise to cloud: Delta Source takes the lead.

The switch from on-premise to cloud does not happen overnight. The transition requires vision, expertise and resources. Learn how Delta Source is the appropriate sparring partner for chief technology officers, program managers and project managers in their search for customised software suitable for their cloud infrastructure.

#1 Software strategy as a starting point

Less maintenance, more scalability and higher efficiency. You know exactly why your company, team or product is making the (integral) move to the cloud, but are looking for substantiated, objective, technical advice. Delta Source, which specialises in open source technologies, acts in an advisory role and suggests concrete ideas that fit your current set-up and future needs. We first visit for a technical interview and formulate a clear software strategy afterwards. Thanks to an agile project process, we move quickly and in line with current business needs.

#2 Backed with technical expertise

Cloud-native? Container orchestration? Resilience? Our programmers are eager to learn and thoroughly familiar with the cloud. We know the pitfalls as well as the benefits and applications of cloud-based systems. For this reason, the custom software we write in open source technologies can always be flexibly hosted on any cloud infrastructure.

Good to know – We develop GDPR-compliant software. Data remains in the European Union.

#3 Development capacity as an accelerator

Where your cloud provider provides hosting and availability, you can count on us for knowledge and development of business-critical software, compatible with your current technology and the cloud. Looking for a power duo of developers? A core team ranging from team lead, through analyst and architect, to developers? We will put together a project team of the right, experienced profiles or take care of your project from A to Z. Just as our software is scalable, so are our dev teams. From on-premise to cloud, you can count on us.

Hiring an experienced software developer for your evolution to the cloud? Activate a dev team to develop fast, scalable and flexible custom software? Contact us freely to schedule a technical interview and discuss your project.

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