Get to know our founding fathers

The dev teams at Delta Source have been building strong software for over 10 years for medium and large-sized companies. The switch from start-up to scale-up is celebrated with brand new branding. Although the logo gets an update, the mission remains unchanged. This was revealed in an engaging chat with the leading team. Read on and meet our down-to-earth founders!

Hello Daan and Mark! Delta Source started small and driven in 2012. How did you start?

D: “Mark and I were working as Application Architects in the same project team. We shared the same passion for business software and the same hands-on way of working. Outside of business hours we both took on our own IT-projects.”

M: “Daan and I noticed that was a lot of talent available abroad to work on complex software projects. We were determined to deploy nearshore in a different way than most companies do. Not outsourcing repetitive work, but giving technical challenges and responsibilities.”

D: “Because we wanted to do it right, we invested extensively in the startup and our network. Many contact moments, close follow-up … Step by step, the ties with Bulgaria became stronger, the assignments bigger and the results more beautiful. In 2016, the time came to say goodbye to consulting and really position ourselves 100% as Delta Source with dev teams as a service. Joeri Leemans, with whom I had worked in the past, joined us a little later as Software Architect and 3rd managing partner.”

Hi Aleksander! You are managing the Bulgarian team. How did you end up at Delta Source?

A: “Delta Source has a strong connection with the Technical University of Plovdiv. An acquaintance of mine who works there as an assistant suggested I meet Mark and Daan. However, I was not looking for a new job, as I had just started as a junior IT profile. After some pleasant conversations, I changed my mind. What got me over the line? I was, as developer appreciated from day one and completely immersed in the qualitative way of working that Delta Source stands for. As the years passed and the number of Bulgarian colleagues grew, I took on more and more of a management role. Since 2021, I have been a full-time manager of Delta Source Bulgaria. I thought at the time that it wouldn’t be necessary, because my schedule would quickly become empty. But I was wrong, I haven’t been bored for a moment..” (smiles)

Is Delta Source still sailing the same course as when it started?

D: “We still focus on writing mission-criticalsoftware, or challenging software projects. That focus remains unchanged. When we were starting with nearshore, it was not an unheard of concept in the IT world. Even though there were a lot of preconceptions about it. For that reason, we set the quality bar high and we continue to do so. Our employees are super-talented developers you can build on, which makes working pleasant for customers and for colleagues.”

M: “From the start, our mission has been ‘we craft the software you actually need’. Delta Source does not stand for standard solutions, but for tailor-made development. Today we are surrounded by a larger team and we have multiple projects in progress, but at the core we are still doing the same thing with at least the same amount of enthusiasm.”

How do you stay connected to ongoing projects and collaborators?

A: “When I started working at Delta Source there were only two Bulgarian developers, at the end of 2023 we should have 30. We take the time and space to properly and thoroughly guide, welcome and introduce new employees. That approach is paying off, as the number of software engineers that have left us can be counted on one hand. Our daily morning and afternoon call also ensures that we are very involved in each other’s projects. We know exactly what we are working, jump in when needed, or throw a fresh perspective on a tough case. As a manager, I also check on my people very regularly. Short one-on-ones to check on how the projects are going and how they are doing personally are invaluable.”

D: “It is impossible to be and stay involved as a manager for every project on a day-to-day basis. We have full confidence in our staff. Of course, we are always available for questions or concerns. I may speak for myself, as well as for Joeri, Mark and Aleksander, when I say that we are accessible and understanding. We are not managers pondering strategy or finances in a separate office; you’ll just find us among the developers.”

On more than 10 years of building, implementing and optimizing, no doubt some nice words land in the mailbox. Which compliments are you most proud of?

D: “Last year at an event, an employee of our client came to me. They explicitly thanked Delta Source because their business software is now up and running everywhere. For us, that’s a given. No bugs, no delay, no maintenance breaks. But that’s not so obvious. Then I do feel proud that we were able to make that happen for that customer.”

M: “I am pleased when former colleagues refer to us when someone in their network needs an IT-partner or when their friends or acquaintances are looking for a software company to work as adeveloper. Although we may no longer be colleagues, the relationship has remained strong. Very cool!”

A: “We Bulgarians are perhaps just a little less organized by nature than the Belgians? (smiles) Clear agreements or quick results are not something they take for granted here. When I see that Delta Source’s short lines of communication and quality realisations are appreciated, I am proud.”

Finally, what is at the top of Delta Source’s bucket list?

M: “Gee, I have to think about that. Boundless dreaming is not so much in our nature. We are rather down-to-earth …” (smiles)

A: “Then I will answer first! This summer there is a lot going on for the Bulgarian team. During our Summer Camp, there is especially a lot of fun on the agenda. Ideal for the team atmosphere! Later this summer we will move into a new office. Now when we have a full house, we are short of chairs. In the new office, there will be no shortage of space and inspiration. I can’t wait!”

M: “Now that we are past the start-up phase, I dream for Delta Source to have self-directed teams. And Delta Source Academy, which currently is available for BulgarianIT prospects, would be a nice addition for Belgium as well. We are ready for the future, absolutely!”

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