Colleague in the spotlight: senior software developer Nikolay Ivanov

“Variety, responsibility and personal growth: they are the ideal job combo.”

Job offers in abundance for IT workers. That makes us curious about what junior, medior or senior software developers are looking for. No better way to find out why our passionate developers choose Delta Source than to let them do the talking. We sit down with senior software programmer and team lead Nikolay Ivanov.

Hi Nikolay! Your choice of Delta Source has been behind you for several years. Do you remember how you came to us?

“I first heard about Delta Source in 2017 when I was studying computer science at the University of Plovdiv in Bulgaria. A fellow student was working part-time at Delta Source and praised its flexibility and support. I myself was then invited by one of my professors to join his start-up as a job student. A fine opportunity, but the company culture was not a match. My fellow student was aware that I was looking for an internship during my master’s and then put me in touch with Delta Source. He knew you could do an internship there under the best supervision with the possibility of a first permanent job in IT.”

Applying for a job can be exciting. How did you experience getting to know team Delta Source?

“I was very nervous before the introductory interview, but it ended up going smoothly. The first interview was in Bulgarian, so the language was not a barrier. The nerves increased when I heard that the founders from Belgium were going to visit the Bulgarian office and my second interview with them took place. There was no need for that stress, because although I had to make do in English, they exuded the same calmness, passion and professionalism as my interviewer did during the intake. Before I knew it, I got the good news and started my internship. It was a success and grew into a permanent job. Today we are over seven years later and I haven’t regretted a single moment!”

What should a school leaver expect from an entry-level job at Delta Source?

“At the beginning, I supported on internal projects, which I did under the wing of an experienced colleague. An ideal way to become familiar with Delta Source’s unique approach. You don’t have to work for a client to learn how to collaborate, share knowledge and gain relevant work experience. After a smooth familiarisation period, I joined the project team for ReThink-IT. My duties consisted of coding, coding, coding which increased my development skills at top speed. After several years on the same project, I was looking forward to a change. Fortunately, I was able to approach my employer and colleagues with my request for a modified job duties. There was an immediate ear for it. I was allowed to switch projects and had the opportunity to expand my knowledge in new development areas. Delta Source focuses on complex custom software, so there is no shortage of challenge.”

You are performing a dual function today. What does your current job responsibilities consist of?

“True. On the one hand, I am a senior software developer with a specialization in Java. On the other hand, I am a team lead. Where in the beginning I developed software 100% of the time, I now divide my time between executive development, strategic project guidance and mentorship of junior developers. I am again part of the project team for ReThink-IT in a brand new role. Colleagues can come to me with questions, I guard the overview and provide strategic advice on the next steps in software development. Very nice that the interpretation of your tasks is negotiable at Delta Source. There is a lot of understanding here that competencies and interests can evolve during your career in IT. As senior software developers, we do not have to look for new horizons; we can simply put our request for new tasks on the table. In consultation, a new interpretation is then determined, which is also evaluated in the interim. Back to your original tasks? Or sharpen other skills? Everything is possible.”

What’s left on your Delta Source bucket list?

“The move to our new office in Plovdiv this fall is something I am really looking forward to. It is great to be part of a great team that is growing. If I may be ambitious, I would perhaps grant Delta Source an additional base in addition to its two offices in Belgium and Bulgaria. Who knows, we might even land in the Czech Republic? Delta Source’s growth is very organic and well-organized; I believe that this gives us everything we need to open additional offices in the (distant) future. The company DNA is closely guarded so all in good time, but I am already looking forward to it!”

“Atmosphere is not a measurable factor, but it is all-important for the success of your job. The corporate culture here is very open, positive and understanding. On the one hand, I can count on the advice of colleagues and on the other, I know that they really appreciate my feedback. I feel comfortable here!” – Nikolay Ivanov, software developer and team lead at Delta Source

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